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Watching the game at your favorite bar or restaurant will never be the same. Because with SnapCall SportsCAST, every play is another chance to claim the title of Best Fan In The House.

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Playing is easy. Just download the SnapCall Sports app, type in the code for your venue, and get in the game with all the other fans playing SnapCall Sports at the bar.

Every few minutes, a new question will pop up on a dedicated SnapCall Sports TV screen–based on real-time situations in the games you’re watching. Just make the right call on the SnapCall Sports mobile app to earn points, prizes, bragging rights and the best reward of all–your name climbing up the SnapCall Sports Bragboard for every other bar-goer to see.

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Ask your favorite bar to get SnapCall SportsCAST today!

Bar or Restaurant Owners:

Engage your patrons and boost your business at the same time. See how SnapCall SportsCAST can help make your space the go-to local for every game. Learn more.


Learn why SnapCall SportsCAST is your chance to cut through the clutter and get a targeted, excited sports fan audience engaged with your brand. Learn more.