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You need a reliable Internet connection to use SnapCall Sports. So WiFi, 3G, or 4G would work.

Make sure you can browse the Internet reliably from your device. This is a good way to check the quality of your cellular or WiFi connection. If you can get a strong WiFi connection, use WiFi and you'll normally get better performance than 3G or 4G.

Feel free to drop us an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Yes. You will receive new question notifications as long as you have opened SnapCall Sports within the prior 3 minutes. If you want to make sure to receive all notifications, just leave SnapCall Sports open during live events, or open SnapCall Sports every 2 or 3 minutes. Generally, we ask questions about every 3 minutes.

Power off the phone. Then turn it back on and open SnapCall Sports.

From the menu, select “Alerts.” The default setting has notifications turned on for all channels. To turn off a channel, just click the slider to the right. You can also adjust notifications on your phone by going to your “Phone Settings” and selecting SnapCall Sports.

Yes, SnapCall Sports supports both iPad and Android Tablets.

Yes. Be sure to look for our logo when downloading in Google Play.

From the menu, select “Ranking.” You can choose to see how you rank in each category by clicking “World,” “Friends” or “Channel.”

From the menu, select “Schedule” and choose how you would like to display the game. Any game currently in progress will be noted as “Live.”

Currently, we cover pro and collegiate football, pro and collegiate basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, golf, tennis and rugby. However, we are always adding new sports! If there’s a sport you would like to see, please let us know!

Yes, you can choose to talk either one-on-one with another player or chat in the larger group.

From the menu, choose “Friends.” You can invite new friends to join SnapCall Sports using the “Invite” button or click “Add Friend” to connect with a current SnapCall Sports player.

From the menu, select “Schedule.” From here, the fastest way to make your picks is by choose “Upcoming Picks” from the menu. If you choose any other category (“All Channels,” “Today’s Games,” or by sport) just look for any game that has the word “Picks.”

Since SnapCall Sports questions are asked as plays happen live, answers are displayed once the action plays out. Sometimes the answers are immediate and sometimes they aren’t answered until later or even the end of the game.

Yes, when you choose a game from the schedule you will be asked if you want to play in “Friends” or in “Free-For-All.” If you choose “Friends,” you will compete only against your friends.

During a live game, you can click other players’ names to see all their questions and any answers that have been posted as of that time.

Yes! SnapCall Sports now offers an experience in bars and restaurants across the country where you can compete alongside other fans, right there in the bar or restaurant with you, and earn the ultimate bragging rights with your name displayed up on the TV screen.

From the menu, select “In Venue” then enter the Venue Code designated for your location. This will allow you to compete against other players in that bar or restaurant and will include your name in the BragBoard on the TV screen in that location.

During a live game, you can click on your name to see all the questions and any answers that have been posted as of that time.