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About Us

SnapCall Sports is a revolutionary, massively mobile technology platform, from TopSpin Networks, Inc. (TSN) that gets fans totally immersed and engaged in live events. This proprietary platform is what makes apps like SnapCall Sports possible.

There are no other existing platforms that can provide such a high level of immersion. It’s the closest thing to actually being in the action. Fans worldwide are able to compete and chat with each other while watching live events – in real-time, right as the action unfolds.

Gamecasters deepen the experience, sharing knowledge, posing questions and sparking discussion amongst passionate fans – in real-time – as they respond, compete, earn points, prizes, bragging rights and fantasy cash awards.

The launch of TSN’s SnapCall SportsCAST extends the value of the in-game, mobile experience to sports-bar and in-stadium environments. This enables the platform’s sophisticated Content Management System to serve as the central aggregator of dynamic content whether via video, text or dynamic up-to-the-minute sports information throughout and beyond the live event. 

In June 2014, TSN was granted a patent on SnapCall from the US Patent Office, creating unique value for TSN. Additional patents that have been filed to support and protect the innovative RealTime Draft™ technology currently in development are pending.